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Trigger testing with the API - First request

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2017 01:22PM CEST

This is a quick guide to help you start automating testing with the Detectify API by triggering your first scan.

1. Create an API key

Click on your scan profile, then navigate to Integrations, select the API Keys card and click on Create new key.

Integrations - API

2.  Identify domain token

Identify the domain token for the domain you want to start scanning. It can be found in the URL on the Report page as<domain token>/<report token>

3. Test your credentials

Verify that you have extracted the right information by testing the API with a browser. Enter the following as the URL:

https://<api key><domain token>/startscan

You should get the following response:

{"code":2001,"message":"Scan is initializing","data":[]

In a few seconds, you should see that a new scan has started on the dashboard. This confirms that you have all the right credentials.

4. Implement start scan

Locate the method for Start scan and implement the method when you want it triggered. You can find the documentation at The request looks like this:
STARTSCAN /rest/v1/domain/<domain key>/ HTTP/1.1


Authorization: Basic <API key>

Step 5: Continue with more methods

Continue to implement the methods you find useful. Happy scanning!
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