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Working in Asset Inventory

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2019 11:27AM CET
Welcome to Asset Inventory! Here, you can find a lot of information to help you secure the assets you are using Detectify with.

Clicking on the Asset Inventory tab will present you with a list of all of your root assets (e.g. added domains or IP addresses). 

You can search for certain root assets using the search bar and sorting options.

If you have purchased the Asset Monitoring service, you will see a blue or grey icon indicating if Asset Monitoring is turned on or off for this particular root asset. If you have not purchased the Asset Monitoring service, this icon and text will not show up. 

Root Asset Overview
Clicking on a root asset in the Asset Inventory will take you to the Root Asset Overview. Here, you can see an overview of your subdomains, scan profiles, asset monitoring findings, and fingerprints. If your team has more assets than are visible in the overview, you can click on either the number next to the category header, or on the category link in the left menu to see a complete inventory of that asset category.

Up to 5 subdomains are presented from the overview, along with information about assigned owner, the number of associated scan profiles, how the subdomain was discovered, and what fingerprints are associated with the subdomains. You can also quickly create a new scan profile for the subdomain using the "Create scan profile" button.

Scan Profiles
Up to 5 scan profiles are presented from the overview, similar to your dashboard view, but here filtered to only the chosen root asset. Scan profile names are presented with information about the associated endpoint, time for last scan, number of findings per severity, and thread score. You can also quickly start a scan or go to the settings page using the "Start scan" button or cogwheel button respectively.

Asset Monitoring
If you have purchased the Asset Monitoring service, you will see the Asset Monitoring findings overview. Up to 5 Asset Monitoring findings are presented in the overview, along with information about the affected asset, start and end dates (if applicable) for the finding, severity, and current status.

See this walkthrough video to see how Asset Monitoring works:
Up to 5 fingerprints are presented from the overview, with information about the vendor (e.g. distributor, technology, language, framework etc.), software, version, type, last detected, location found at, and confidence score. By clicking on the blue location link on a fingerprint, you will be presented with a list of all endpoints we have fingerprinted this particular technology.
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