Implementing HTTPS (AWS)

Before following this guide, please read through our general guide to implementing HTTPS as it covers the basics and some important tips.

Amazon offers a solution called AWS Certificate Manager that can be used if you are using other AWS services. Today, this is only possible with CloudFront and ELB and is free of charge. Implementing HTTPS with AWS Certificate Manager is quite straightforward, and we would recommend this blog post for any guidance that might be required.

Please be aware this cannot be used with EC2 instances even though they are also hosted by Amazon.



As of November 2016, it seems like it is not possible to use HSTS together with CloudFront. If this has changed, please contact us and we will update this article as quickly as possible.

For ELB, HSTS can be set up in the same manner as described in our article on Implementing HTTPS the traditional way.


Forced HTTPS

If you are a CloudFront user and wish to enable Forced HTTPS, refer to Cloudfront's guide under the subheading To configure CloudFront to require HTTPS between viewers and CloudFront

ELB users can use our support article on Implementing HTTPS the traditional way to set up HTTPS correctly.

If any questions occur while following our guide, do not hesitate to contact us