How to remove your account

If you want to stop using Detectify, you can remove your card from your billing details. This will stop any future debits, while you can keep your data and scan history to resume the service at any point in the future.

To request the complete removal of your Detectify account, please send us a message from any of the in-tool feedback or support forms with the following information:

1. That you wish to remove your account
2. If you are an administrator of a team with multiple users and want to remove not only your own account but the whole team, you will need to explicitly state if the team is to be removed, as well as if any or all other team members' accounts are to be removed along with the team.

If you are unable to log into your account, you can also contact us through email on, providing the same information as requested above. We may ask for confirmation of your identity when you contact us from outside of the tool.