What is a scan profile?

A scan profile can be a domain, subdomain or IP address you own. We only scan servers that have http/https services running on them.

The great thing about scan profiles is that you customize them with different configurations so, for example, you can scan the same domain with different credentials. If you choose to add two assets having same URLs but e.g. set up different Profile Settings for them (e.g. manual / automatic scan schedule) they will be considered as separate scan profiles as well.

Keep in mind, if you set a domain as a scan profile and there is a specific subdomain that you’d like to scan which is not accessible via crawling, it must be set as its own subdomain. This means that you may have multiple scan profiles for a domain depending on what and how you’d like to scan.

A scan profile can be added to the account by users with admin credentials only. Adding a scan profile to your account may incur additional charges to your account according to the subscription plan that you're on. See this video on how to add a scan profile:

Add a Scan profile

More information about our subscription model can also be found here.