Assets and Root Assets

What are assets?

To start covering your attack surface with Detectify, you first need to ensure that your assets are added to your inventory. Domains and IPs that are added to your Detectify account are called assets. Root domains and IPs added to Detectify are called Root Assets. These define the scope of what is included in your attack surface. If subdomains are added without its root, the highest hierarchical subdomain will become the root asset for that hierarchy.

There are four primary ways of adding these assets: connectors, zonfiles or zone transfer, adding a single domain, or adding a single IP. All domains added or imported make out the seed from where the rest of your subdomains, root domains, and IPs can be discovered.

Removing assets

All assets added will be found on the All Assets page. If you no longer want to store an asset in Detectify you can remove the Root Asset and all its subdomains from the Surface Monitoring page. Bear in mind that this will remove all data, including vulnerabilities, associated with these assets.