To help you ship secure code, Detectify integrates directly into the #1 software development tool for agile teams, Atlassian’s JIRA. We support both cloud and on-premise solutions - here's how to set up the integration.

1. While logged in to your Jira account, head over to the Detectify tool, select your scan profile, then click on Scan Profile Settings and choose Integrations. Find Jira Software in the list and click "Configure"

2. Enter the email address you use with JIRA, and your API token. Follow the instructions here in order to generate your API token:

Please note that a previous login solution using basic auth with username and password has been deprecated.

3. Confirm by clicking Next. If you are using an on-premise solution, click on I'm using an on-prem solution.
Once your credentials are saved, you can adjust the integration setup by selecting a project, issue type, notification types, and enabling automatic exports to JIRA (note that automatic exports are only available for JIRA cloud users).
If you are using an on-premise solution, you will see a different prompt asking you to enter your Project ID, Issue Type ID, and JIRA URL.
4.1. To find your Project ID, navigate to your project settings in JIRA. You will find your Project ID at the end of the URL.

4.2. To find your Issue Type ID, go to your JIRA account and select JIRA Administration, then click on Issues to see a list of issue types.

Click on Edit to the right of any issue type and the Issue Type ID will be displayed in the URL.

5. Once your credentials are saved, you will see a message confirming that your integration with JIRA has been created.

6. You're all set! If you are using JIRA cloud and enabled automatic exports, new issues based on your findings will be created in JIRA. If you are using an on-premise solution, you can manually export your findings directly from your findings list.

Happy scanning!