How to set up your integration with PagerDuty

Setting up our integration with the incident manager system PagerDuty allows you to dispatch alerts directly to your system admin or support team. Here's how to set it up:

1.  Login to PagerDuty and select Services under Configuration.

2. Click Add New Service.

3. Enter the name of the service (we suggest you call it Detectify vulnerability notifier) and add a description so you know what it does. Then select Use our API directly under Integration settings and click Add Service.

4. You should now be able to find the Integration Key under Integration settings for the newly added service.

5. Once you have copied the Integration Key, head over to your Detectify dashboard and select your scan profile, then click on Scan Profile Settings and Integrations where you can find PagerDuty in the list. 

Click "Configure" and paste your Integration Key into the field called PagerDuty integration key. Select which notification types you are interested in receiving and click Save settings.

6. That's it! Next time you start a test and Detectify finds something that matches your settings, an incident will be created in PagerDuty, triggering your alerting rules.