How to set up your integration with ServiceNow

Using this integration, you can integrate Detectify with your workflow by sending findings information to your ServiceNow instance. While logged into ServiceNow, here's how to set up the integration:

1. Navigate to Integrations

Choose a scan profile on your Detectify dashboard by clicking on it, then navigate to Scan Profile Settings > Integrations

2. Find ServiceNow in the list of integrations and click "configure"

Enter your ServiceNow endpoint followed by your username and password.

4. Select your preferred notification types.

5. You can test your settings and once you are happy, confirm them by clicking Save

6. Now run a scan and view any findings and associated information such as the url, the severity and CVSS score in the incident board in your ServiceNow instance. You can view them both as they appear live during a scan or once the scan has finished.

Need help?

If you’re experiencing problems with our ServiceNow integration, send an email with your details and a description of the issue to and we will do our best to help.