How to set up your integration with Zapier

To integrate with Zapier you need two things, an API key generated from Detectify and a Zapier account registered at

1. Generate an API key

1. Log in to your Detectify account, select your scan profile and click on Integrations under Scanning Settings. Find Zapier in the list and click "Configure" 

2. Click "Generate access token" to get your unique key.

2. Create a zap at Zapier

Before getting started you should make sure to sign up to Zapier, we are not going to go through that part here but their sign up process is really sleek and it shouldn’t cause any issues.

There are multiple ways to create a zap at Zapier, you can either use one of the recommended zaps in the Zapbook or create a new one. We are going to guide you through the process of making a zap.

1. Click the Make a Zap! button on top of the page. 

2. Select Detectify as your Trigger App.

3. Select your preferred trigger; in this scenario, we select to trigger on new findings with a high severity. Click on Continue.

4. Click on Connect a New account and paste in the API key in the window that pops up. Then click on YesContinue.

5. Specify the target you want us to keep an eye on. Here you can also choose whether you want the alerts to be triggered on the new findings only or include the previous findings as well. Click on Continue.

6. Finalize this part and test the Detectify integration by clicking Test trigger.

Great job, this part is done! 

 3. Set up the receiving app

So, the next part is setting up the receiving app. 

We are not going to go through this process because it differs depending on the app you pick. However, attached below is a list of popular zaps, so you can pick any of these and follow the process there or pick another app from the huge directory of over 500 integrated apps.

That’s it, next time you run a scan and the Detectify scanner finds a high severity finding, Zapier will help you push the finding to whatever application you chose to integrate with.

Happy scanning and zapping!