Allow and disallow paths

If you would like Detectify to avoid specific paths, you can control the coverage of the scanner by enabling or disabling them in Deep Scan Settings.

1. Click on your scan profile, then select Deep Scan Settings. Use allow to help us find hidden areas that have no links pointing to them.

2. Use disallow for paths you don't want us to touch. 

Example of allow (include)

Use allow if you would like to test a hidden admin panel that is not linked.

Allow: /secret-admin-panel

Example of disallow (avoid)

Use disallow if you have a large forum you don't want us to test.

Disallow: /forum

Example of a combination of allow and disallow

This can be used if you only want to test a specific part of the site that you have recently changed. In this case, you can use disallow on the full site and then allow the changed areas.

Disallow: /

Allow: /part-that-is-changed


Using wildcards

Both Disallow and Allow support wildcards using asterisks.

To disallow both /product/4 and /product/5, you can simply disallow /product/. To allow both /guestblog/5/details and /guestblog/6/details, you can allow /guestblog/*/details.