Starting your first test

1. Create an account and verify your e-mail address

2. Add your Domain

Your domain (e. g . is a hostname that you verify. We recommend adding the domain without any subdomains such as www. Once the domain is verified, you can add multiple scan profiles connected to the domain, like subdomains ( If you just want to exclude specific pages or subdomains, you can do that later on in Settings by allowing and disallowing paths.

If your domain is connected to a Google Analytics account, you can use Google Analytics to import your domain.

You can also import your assets via Route53 Connector, you can read more on how to do this here.

3. Verifying the ownership of the domains

You need to verify that you are in control of the domains you would like to test. You can do this either via txt file upload or DNS records (txt). Read more about this in the section about verification.

4. Start your first test

You’re ready to start using Detectify! When you run your first scan, you probably won’t need any special settings, so you can simply press start. Happy scanning!