Scheduling your test

Continuous security monitoring is important as new hacking techniques pop up more and more often and lots of vulnerabilities are disclosed every day. We update our scanner frequently and when major events happen (e.g., Heartbleed or Shellshock), we typically push a new release within a few hours to make sure the latest vulnerabilities are included in your test, helping you keep your website secure.

If you use the default scheduling settings, we will run a test every 7 days, but you can adjust the frequency whenever you like. You can also set the scan schedule manually if you don't want us to perform recurring scans.

1. To change your test scheduling settings, go to your Dashboard, select a scan profile and click on Scan Profile Settings

2. In your General Settings, you will find your current scan frequency. Select Edit, to expand the schedule settings. 


3. Here, you can set the frequency of Detectify scans or manually schedule your next scan.

4. Here's how you can choose a single date for a future scan:

In this case the scan toggle will remain disabled, however below the toggle you will be able to see that the scan has been scheduled for the set date:

5. You can also opt for automatic testing triggered only when new tests are being released:

Scans triggered by the scanner release will be listed in your activity log:

New modules are being implemented in our scanner approximately on a weekly basis - whenever it happens you will also receive a scanner update notification inside the tool.