Autodiscovery is a tool for identifying subdomains belonging to a domain. For a while now, we have used this as an internal tool in order to help our customers map up all of their publicly available subdomains. By doing this, we’ve helped organisations identify legacy applications that need to be deprecated and also supported their process of setting up a comprehensive scope for their Detectify tests.

After seeing how much value this service provided for us internally as well as for our customers, we’ve decided to give everyone access to it!

What will this mean for me as a customer?

We’ve now updated the old “Domains & Profiles” page (now Asset Inventory) to give you access to this awesome new feature.

Domains view

Clicking “Asset Inventory” in the top menu will now bring you to the domains view.



Here you can, as usual, add new domains using “Add Manually” or import via Google analytics / Route53 (Professional plan feature). 


Note: to leverage the new Autodiscovery feature we strongly encourage you to always add a top domain without any subdomains (i.e.

When you’ve added your domains, you’ll see them listed under “Domains”.



Domain overview page


Here’s where the magic happens! Clicking one of your domains in the domain list will bring you to the domain overview page. At the top, you’ll see the scan profiles that have already been added for your domain.


Here you can click the profile name to access the scan overview (in the same way as in the dashboard).

In this view, you’ll find the actual auto discovery feature. A list of the subdomains that we have discovered will be listed and searchable. 

To add a new profile from the auto discovered subdomains, simply click “Create scan profile” to the right. 



Let’s get started by adding some new profiles!