Working with Assets

Welcome to Assets! Here, you can find a lot of information to help you secure the assets you are using Detectify with.


Clicking on the Assets tab will present you with a list of all of your root assets (e.g. added domains or IP addresses). 



By the domain name you will also see a blue or grey icon indicating if Asset Monitoring is turned on or off for this particular root asset.


Asset Overview

Clicking on a root asset in the Assets Catalogue will take you to its overview. From here you can navigate to an overview of your Subdomains and Deep scan profiles.



Up to 10 subdomains are presented from the overview, along with information about the number of associated scan profiles, how the subdomain was discovered and the last activity on it. You can also quickly create a new scan profile for the subdomain by clicking on the "+" button under the "Actions" tab.

Deep scan profiles

This view resembles your dashboard view, with the difference that the scan profiles here are filtered to only the chosen root asset. Scan profile names are presented with information about the associated endpoint, time for last scan, number of findings per severity, and thread score. You can also quickly start a scan or go to the settings page using the "Start " button or cogwheel button respectively.