How to add and name your scan profiles

Once you have added and verified your asset it's time to start creating your scan profiles. A scan profile can be either a top level domain, subdomain, an IP address or a specific configuration of any of these, such as a top level domain in an authenticated state. Please note - we only scan servers that have http/https services running on them.

You can create a scan profile by going to your Assets, selecting your asset and clicking "+ Scan profile" which appears next to the asset on the right hand side:

You can also click on "+ Scan profile" button in the top hand corner of your Subdomains Overview.

You can then enter the domain you wish to scan, either the domain you just added and verified or a subdomain falling under its scope, and select a name which describes the endpoint you are testing: 

The newly created scan profile will then appear on your dashboard:

If you wish to rename your scan profile, you can do so by clicking into the specific scan profile on your dashboard (or the cogwheel icon by its side) and navigating to GeneralUnder "What's the name of this profile?" which appears at the top, click "edit" to change the name of your scan profile: 

See this video for help with how to add a scan profile: