If your web application is connected to a Google Analytics account, you can use Google Analytics to verify ownership of your domain.

1. Select "Other ways to verify your domain"

After entering the name of your domain, you will be prompted to verify it. The most commonly used verification method is verification with a txt. file, but you can see other options by clicking on “Other ways you can verify the asset”.

2. Select "Google Analytics"

The onboarding wizard will present you with a list of verification options. To verify with Google Analytics, select the “Google Analytics” option.


After selecting Google Analytics as a verification method, you will be asked to confirm your choice by clicking on “Verify with Google Analytics”.


3. Log in to Google Analytics

You can then log in to your Google account or, if you are already logged in, allow Detectify to access it.  



You will be asked to allow Detectify to access your GA data.




4. Select the domain you would like to add

You will be presented with a list of all domains associated with your Google Analytics account. Select the domain you would like to add to your Detectify account.


5. Start your first scan

You’re now all set and ready to start your first test. Happy scanning!

Common issues when verifying with Google analytics

Google Analytics code not visible on main domain 

Google Analytics code is hidden in call back or missing from the root of the domain you added. If this is the case, consider using another method to verify or contact us at verification@detectify.com.

Google Analytics domain is different from the domain you entered manually

A small difference between the domain you entered manually and the domain registered in Google Analytics can cause your verification to fail. Make sure to double-check the spelling and format (e.g. with or without subdomains) of the domain you added to your Detectify account.

Google tag manager or other Google products

Verification can fail if you are using Google Tag Manager or another Google product to connect your site to Analytics. If this is the reason verification has failed, try using another method to verify.

Need help?

If you’re still having problems with verification, send an email with your details and a description of the issue to verification@detectify.com and we will do our best to help.