Verification with meta tag

Add a meta tag with a unique key to your index page before the </head> tag,  just like you would when using Google Webmaster.

1. Select “Other ways to verify your domain”

After entering the name of your domain, you will be prompted to verify it. The most commonly used verification method is verification with a txt. file, but you can see other options by clicking on “Other ways to verify your domain”.


2. Select “META”

The onboarding wizard will present you with a list of verification options. To verify with a meta tag, select the “META” option.

 3. Add meta tag

In the dialogue box, you will find a code snippet you can copy and add to your index page before the closing </head> tag. When you’re done, click on “Verify”! 

4. Start your first scan

You’re now all set and ready to run your first Detectify scan. Happy scanning!

Common issues when verifying with meta tag

The domain you entered redirects to another domain

The meta code is not on the domain you have added to your account. This can happen if your website uses redirects to point to To solve this issue, add directly instead of If that is not possible, contact us and we will help you out!

The meta tag is not in the <head> tag

Make sure that the meta tag is in between <head> and </head>.

Need help?

If you’re still having problems with verification, send an email with your details and a description of the issue to and we will do our best to help.