Scan as device/scan mobile websites

If you would like our scanner to behave like a specific device, you can enable this in Application Scan Settings. This is useful if you have a mobile site that differs from the standard site.

1. Click on your scan profile, go to Application Scan Profile Settings  -> Scan Settings

2. Scroll all the way down to Which User Agent/device should it identify as? 

Here, you can choose between the following device options:

- Detectify (this is the default option and behaves like a regular browser)

- Google Chrome Latest

- Google Chrome

- Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android)

- iPhone

- iPad

- Nintendo 3DS

Having a Nintendo 3DS-specific site might be unlikely, but hey, why not!

How it works

For the listed devices we will spoof the following:

- User-agent string

- Screen size

If there is anything else you think we should spoof/change, please shoot us an email at!

We will not emulate:

- the HTML parser

- the javascript engine

The goal here is to trick your website into thinking we are, for example, a mobile device, not to emulate a phone and how it will render HTML.