Do you have a security seal I can put on my site?

No, at the moment we don’t offer any seal or security badge since that can actually be a security risk and we haven’t found a good way to solve it yet.

There is a great paper about it:

Clubbing Seals: Exploring the Ecosystem of Third-party Security Seals

The very short version of it is more or less:

A hacker sees our security badge on your website

The hacker regularly checks your website and notices when the seal disappears or says your site is not secure. The hacker then knows that we have found an issue on your site.

The hacker checks our service to see what changes we have recently made and is able to figure out what we found on your website

We might figure out a way to do this securely in the future or even let the website owner take the risk if they want to but it's not something we offer right now!