How do I manage my team?

When you add users to your Detectify account, you can manage your team by adding and removing team members and granting them permissions.

1. The Team Management card in Team Settings (under Account Settings) is where you will find all you need to manage your team.

2. By clicking on Edit next to a team member’s name, you can adjust their permissions or remove them from your team.

3. You can grant your team members two kinds of access rights: use or admin.

Use: Team members can read reports, run tests, activate domain monitoring, change scan profile settings and set up integrations. They are however not able to manage assets in your team (e.g. remove an asset, add a new scan profile, verify an asset).

Admin: Team members have Use rights as well as access to all domains and the ability to manage assets, change user permissions and billing settings.

4. If you do not tick any of the boxes above, your new team member will join the the team as a viewer/guest

Viewer: Team members with viewer permissions can access and manage your security reports for all the domains added to your team. They do not have the ability to run scans, change settings and view your Billing Overview. 

Once users have beed added to the team, as an admin you can always adjust their permissions in the Team Management Card in your Team Settings. To do so, you can simply choose the user in your team, click on the "edit" button by his or her name and control the permissions.