How to set up your staging environment using ngrok and Detectify

Development or staging environments usually aren’t accessible from the internet, but if you'd like to make sure your website is secure before releasing it, you can use ngrok. ngrok is a tool that creates a secure tunnel to a closed environment, which makes it easy to grant Detectify access to your private space.

Please note that ngrok has rate limits between 40 and 120 requests per minute, which will make for very slow scanning. This means that you will need to limit the scope of your scan and set aside enough time to get adequate results.

1. Start by downloading ngrok and install it following their instructions.
2. Start your local webserver.

Ngrok setup

3. Start your ngrok client.

Ngrok setup

4. Once ngrok is running, you will get a forwarding address, in this example we got You (and the rest of the world) are now able to browse to your local webserver using that URL.

5. So now let’s head over to and add this url as one of your domains. As usual you need to verify your domain. The easiest way to do this is by using the file verification method. Just download the file, put it in your root directory and click verify.

6. Once the file is verified, Detectify will redirect you back to the dashboard and you can start a scan of your local development environment.

Do not hesitate to reach out at if you need help setting up your staging environment using ngrok and Detectify.

Happy scanning!