How to start a scan using the Detectify API

By using the API, you can easily integrate Detectify into your development workflow. In this article, we will cover how to generate an API key for your team and using Postman to start a scan. 

Generating an API key

To generate an API key for your team, visit the Team Settings and click “View more” under “API keys”

From here, click the green button “Generate API-key”

Note: some of the the API functionality is limited to the Enterprise plan. Head over to our pricing page to learn more.

Clicking on the particular API key will take you to its individual settings:

Switch the toggle and click on the "save" button to enable the particular setting.

For additional security you can also require message signature:

More details can be found in our API Documentation

Download Postman

Postman is a powerful HTTP client for testing web services and APIs. 

If you don’t already have postman installed, head over to and download the software from your platform. Follow the instructions to install the application. 

Starting your first scan

Head over to our API documentation to learn more about the different endpoints available. In this article, we will focus on starting a scan. 

Get a scan profile’s token

In order to start a scan, we need to know the scan profile’s token. There’s two ways of finding out a scan profile token: either through the URL in the browser..

...or via the API. Since this article is focused on the API, let’s use the API.

Get all scan profiles

Open up Postman. In your workspace, use “GET” as the method and the following URL in “Enter request URL”( replace API-key with your newly generated key): https://{API-KEY} and click send. This will return a JSON with all of your scan profiles, including tokens. 

Starting a scan

Visit our API documentation to see the syntax of how to start a scan. 

Open up postman and open a new tab. 

In this tab, change the method to “POST” and enter the following request URL (replace API-key with your key and scan-profile-token with your token from the “Get all scan profiles” section above: https://{API-KEY}{SCAN-PROFILE-TOKEN}/ and click “Send”

Looks like it’s working by the status code “202 Accepted”. Let’s confirm by visiting our account in the browser. Voilá, the scan is running!

Next steps

Now it’s time to start integrating Detectify into your development workflow. To help you along, we’ve created some example code to get you started.

 See this video tutorial on how to start using the Detectify API: