The Technologies page provides you with an aggregated overview of all the technologies that have been detected on all of your assets during the fingerprinting phase.

The list with detected technologies is grouped in the following columns: 

  • Software

  • Version

  • Type

  • Vendor

  • Found at

  • Asset 

  • Confidence score

  • Last detected

By default the view is ordered by the “last detected” findings.

1. How do we find this information and set the confidence score?

We try various methods to identify the technology that is exposed on the asset. Some of these methods provide accurate information on the technology, which in some cases allows identification of specific software version, while others provide less accurate information, as they are not foolproof. Hence, in addition we provide a confidence percentile that indicates how certain we are with regard to the technology we identified. Read more about how we fingerprint technologies here.

2. Search function

A search bar at the top of the page enables you to find your fingerprinted technologies faster when searching by:

  • vendor name

  • software name

  • Found at (url)

  • Asset 

The search begins instantly when you start typing your search term.


typing the asset path, e.g. “” will return all the fingerprinted technologies for this asset.

typing “PHP” will return all the paths with PHP discovered.

3. Filtering

You can filter your results by:

  • Type:

You can choose either one or multiple types.

A full list of types is also available here.

  • Confidence (30% - 100%)

You cannot filter by choosing a score that is less than 30% or more than 100%. Putting a greater value will result in the % switching back to 100, setting the value for less than 30% will in turn result in the % switching back to 30.

  • Last Detected (0 - 45 days):

The last search date cannot be older than 45 days.

  • Version


Switching the toggle under “Show me only technologies without version” disables the field where you can type in the version you’re looking for (please see the second picture).

If you look for technologies with fingerprinted versions, you can search for a specific version by typing e.g. “1” in the “Version” field. This will also return results for e.g. 1.3.2. , 1.3.3. etc.