How to set up your integration with Slack

Using this integration, you can easily integrate Detectify into your workflow by pinging a Slack channel with Detectify updates such as started scans, finished scans, and findings. While logged into Slack, here's how to set up the integration:

1. Navigate to Integrations

Choose Integrations in the menu.

Click on the plus sign next to Slack.

2. Authenticate Slack

Name your Slack feed, and click “Add configuration” to authorise Detectify to post to Slack. Then choose a channel to post to and click “Allow”. Then you will be able to send a test to make sure it works. Once you’ve confirmed that you received the test message, click “Next”.

3. Select assets and notifications

You can now select the assets you would like Detectify to send you notifications about. Then click Next. Now you can choose which kind of notifications you want to receive - high severity, for example. 

Need help?

If you’re experiencing problems with our Slack integration, send an email with your details and a description of the issue to and we will do our best to help.

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