Scan from Regional IP

Scanning from regional IP is available for Enterprise accounts via GUI or our Public API. You can configure the scan region both on the scan profile (GUI, API), as well as team level (via GUI only). If you would like to activate Scan from Regional IP setting in the tool, reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will enable this functionality for you.

When is it useful?

Depending on where your domains are located, the content that is being served on them may differ - region-specific scanning will more accurately reflect the security of your assets. Team level setting in turn makes it easier to update scan configuration for all domains at once.

In this article we will focus on how to set the scan region from within the Tool:

1. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will enable the functionality for you

2. Navigate to your Team Settings (under Account Settings) and select a default region for all of your assets:

We currently support the following regions:

  •  eu-west-1 (Ireland, default)

  •  us-east-1 (North Virginia)

  •  ap-south-1 (Mumbai).

3. To set separate scan regions for particular scan profiles, click on your scan profile and go to your Scan Settings (Scanning Settings).

4. Scroll all the way down to “From which region should we scan?” and select a new region for this particular scan profile:

This can also be done via our Public API.

That’s it! Now when you start a scan, it will spin up a new virtual machine at AWS in the chosen region.