How to run Application Scanning from different geographic regions

Your web application may behave differently for clients in different geographic regions. To allow assessment for these different behaviors in Application Scanning, you can select which region the scan should be performed, and thus the network traffic originates from. 

This feature is only accessible to dedicated customers, please contact your customer support representative or for more information.

Detectify is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in multiple geographic regions, which include 

  • Ireland (eu-west-1), 

  • USA (North Virginia, us-east-1) and 

  • India (Mumbai, ap-south-1). 

Please note even if the region is set to USA or India, since our core services are located in Ireland, your web application still needs to be accessible from Ireland.

You can control your geographic region centrally for all the Scan Profiles in your team, or independently for each Scan Profile. 

Settings up geographic region for the team

Under Account settings, “Team” tab, you can find “Default region for Application Scanning”, which applies for all Scan Profiles that don’t have a specific region set. Use the dropdown to set the desired region, and select “Save” to update the setting. This applies to all newly started scans that do not have a specific region set on the Scan Profile.

Settings up geographic region for a Scan Profile

Under Application Scanning settings, “Scan settings” tab, you can find “From which region should we scan?”, which by default, inherits the team geographic region. You can uncheck “Inherit team's default region”, and use the dropdown to set the desired region. This applies to all newly started scans for the Scan Profile.


Q: My website behaves differently in different regions, how can I scan them from both regions?

A: You can either change the region between scans, or create multiple scan profiles with different regions to cover all behaviors.