Autodiscovery Categories

We continuously try to identify new subdomains belonging to a domain with our Autodiscovery tool

A new subdomain can be found through different methods. These methods are categorised by either having been discovered by Detectify or manually added.

Subdomains view  

Clicking on an asset will bring you to the Subdomains overview page:


By clicking on a link in “Found by” column for a subdomain a modal will show more detailed information of the methods used to identify the subdomain:

We have listed all methods and the definitions below.


Methods categorised as Discovered by Detectify:

  • Scraping: Asset was found while scraping publicly available resources such as DNS, public web pages, etc

  • Brute forcing: Asset was found by performing brute forcing, such as iterating through common subdomain names.

  • DNS zone transfer: Asset was imported through DNS Zone Transfer.

  • SSL monitoring: Asset was found in the SSL Certificate Transparency Log.

  • Application scanning: Asset was found while running application scanning.

Methods categorised as Manually added: 

  • Manual import: Asset was manually imported by someone within your team. This might have been through the web application, API access or a zone file upload.

  • Cloudflare: Asset was automatically created through the Detectify integration available on the Cloudflare platform.

  • Google Analytics import: Asset was imported from Google Analytics.

  • AWS Route53 integration: Asset was imported automatically from the AWS Route53 integration.