Application Scanning billing

This article provides an overview on billing management for Application Scanning.

Starter and Professional plans

The basis for Application Scanning billing is the number of Scan Profiles in your team. For each Scan Profile you can run an unlimited number of scans, one at a time.

During your 14 day trial period, you have a limit of 5 Scan Profiles. After your trial period ends, you pay for each Scan Profile on a periodic (monthly or yearly) basis. 

You can review and change the number of Scan Profile slots you have under the Product Details in Billing. Increase or decrease the number of slots as you create and delete Scan Profiles, in order to pay the right amount according to your usage. Adding more slots will impact your current payment cycle, while removing slots will impact your next payment cycle. 

You can decrease the number of Scan Profile slots below the number of Scan Profiles you have. In that case, your latest Scan Profiles that are above the purchased Scan Profile slots will be deactivated. Deactivated Scan Profiles are read only, retaining their settings and results, but are not able to run any scans. Once these slots are added back, the Scan Profiles are fully usable.

Enterprise plan

For Enterprise customers, a specific number of Scan Profiles is included in your subscription, which you can see under product details. 

In order to increase or decrease Scan Profile slots, contact your customer success representative.


Q: Will I pay less when I delete a Scan Profile?

A: Deleting a scan profile will have no impact on the amount of scan profile slots you pay for. As a customer on the Professional plan, you must go to the billing page to decrease the number of Scan Profile slots as well. Note, that the change only takes effect from the next payment cycle.