Prioritization Overview

Helping decrease information  overload

One of the foremost concerns for security teams with large attack surfaces is the cognitive overload of trying to keep up with security vulnerabilities. With that in mind, Detectify has created an overview to help customers easily prioritize vulnerabilities that matter the most.  The first iteration contains a few ways of filtering your security issues, focusing on important aspects that require extra attention.

Contents of the overview

The overview contains:

  • Vulnerabilities grouped by severity. Clicking on the severity in question takes you straight to the Vulnerabilities page filtered on that severity, so you can focus on one group of vulnerabilities at a time. 

  • Assets with the most vulnerabilities. This card shows you assets, such as domains, that have the most vulnerabilities, allowing you to see if you have multiple problems in particular assets. It’s also a way to quickly go in and set vulnerabilities to Accepted Risk if they are not important to you.

  • Latest policy alerts. If you have a custom policy set up, this card shows you the latest alerts on that policy and lets you go in and view the asset in question or see all your alerts.

Further iterations

The overview is in its early stages. Further iterations will focus on things that make it easier for customers to prioritize, such as showing you important vulnerabilities or problems with your setup that make it hard for you to achieve the optimal results. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the old Dashboard?

The old Dashboard can be found using the link

I'm looking for a list of my latest scans.

  • If you want to view a list of the Vulnerabilities Detectify found on your scan profiles, you can go to the Vulnerabilities page and use the Scan Source filter to look for Application Scanning. 
  • If you want to see a list of your recent scans and the associated vulnerabilities you can see that via the Scan Reports page
  • If you want a list of your latest scans, that can be found on the Application Scanning page.

I'm looking for a list of my Assets.

Your assets are best viewed in the Attack Surface