Scans page

The Application Scanning page lists your scan profiles
For each profile, you can click on the scan profile name to get to the Scans page.

The scans page shows a list of the scans that has run for the selected scan profile (from February 28 2023 and forward).

In the list of scans you can see the time (in UTC) that the scan finished, how the scan was started, and the status of the scan. 
The different statuses are

  • Completed - The scan completed successfully.
  • Completed with warnings - The scan completed, but there are warnings that you'll want to have a look at.
  • Failed - The scan failed unexpectedly. You should try starting it again and reach ut to if the problem persists.
  • Stopped - The scan was stopped by a user.

If the latest scan is still running, if it failed or if it finished with warnings, this will be shown at the top of the Scans page in a banner.