Technologies page

Introducing the Technologies page

The Technologies page is the place to understand which web technologies you have on your attack surface. Finding outliers in this data is crucial for finding shadow IT, outdated or vulnerable software.

The Technologies page lets you discover all fingerprinted software identified across your attack surface. The page is organized with a "group by" structure, allowing you to select the level of detail you're interested in.

Grouping the Technologies data

The page is organized with a "Group By" structure, allowing you to select the level of detail you're interested in. The data can be looked at on multiple levels, including technology, version, and none.

Group by Technology

You can adjust how much you wish to zoom in or out, starting with the most zoomed-out view, which groups the data by technology. In this view, each row represents a unique technology, displaying the name of the technology we found, disregarding any versions.

Group by Version

Additionally, group by "Version" presents all the identified technologies alongside their respective versions.

Group by None

Group by none is the most detailed view of the technology data. Each row is a unique observation of a technology and its version, and what domain and port it was found on. The status shows whether this technology still exists on that particular domain and on that port. The dates show when that observation was first discovered and, if it has since disappeared, when that technology disappeared from that domain and port.

This view can be used to find all domains running a particular technology and version quickly. Simply filter on the technology and version you are interested in. A pro tip is that the "Is any of" filter for the Technology column will show you a unique list of all different technologies found across your attack surface.