The Ports page

The ports page is the perfect place to understand the open ports on your attack surface.

Grouping the table data

To allow you to look at this data on any level of detail, the table can be grouped on some key dimensions.

Group by Port

With this grouping, each row represents a unique port that has been found open. The columns include details such as the number of assets each port is open on, depicted in the assets column, and the number of IPs found with this port open, shown in the IP column.

Additionally, there's a "first scanned" and "last seen" indicator, revealing when the port was first detected and the date it was last observed.

Group by None

This is the most detailed level of the port data. It shows each domain, IP, and port open as unique rows. The status indicates whether that particular port is still open or not. The dates show when the port was first found open on that domain/IP or when it disappeared (if applicable).