Connector for Azure

How to connect?

To connect with Azure, go to and click on Azure. Next, follow these steps in the Azure platform:

  1. Generate an App Registration for the given Active Directory.
  2. Navigate and select the created App Registration to view its overview.
  3. Under Essentials, you will find Tenant ID and Client ID. Copy them and paste them in the Add connector flow in the Detectify tool.
  4. In the same view navigate to Certificates and Secrets under Manage, in the side menu.
  5. Choose the Client Secrets tab and create a New Client Secret.
  6. Copy the Value of the newly created Client Secret and paste it in the Detectify tool. It will only be visible at its creation.
  7. Now navigate to the Subscription app.
  8. Copy the Subscription ID of the subscription linked to the given Active Directory and paste it in the Detectify tool.
  9. Lastly, give the connector a descriptive name.

When the connector is created, it will be seen in the list of connectors on the connectors page. Domains stored in Azure will be synced with your Detectify team continuously. You can also manually sync by clicking the Action menu on your Azure connector in the list of connectors and clicking Trigger synchronization.