Overview Page

The Overview page is your landing page, offering insights into how your attack surface has evolved over the last few days and the current status, highlighting any actions you might need to take.

At the top of the Overview Page, you can see a summary of what you're monitoring today and whether there are any steps you need to take to improve your coverage.

Attack Surface card

The first card is an Attack Surface summary card, displaying the number of countries currently covered, the different hosting providers you use, and other data points. It shows how your attack surface has evolved during the selected time period.

Vulnerabilities per severity card

The Vulnerabilities per severity card provides an overview of your state of security, detailing the number of critical, high, medium, and low vulnerabilities. This information is crucial, especially for large attack surfaces with many domains, offering a summary of the most vulnerable applications or those with the highest severities. The additional cards 'Assets with most vulnerabilities' and 'Most sever assets' help further contextualise your vulnerability data.

Latest Custom Policies alerts card

If you've set up rules that your systems should adhere to, any recent policy alerts will be shown here.

Changes card

The Changes card highlights any significant changes you should be aware of. For example, if numerous Ports are opened continuously, this section helps identify and understand these changes.

Scans requiring your attention card

If you have scans running that require attention due to a change, this section alerts you to such requirements.