The importance of continuous monitoring

2 key reasons to continuously monitor your attack surface

Firstly, your attack surface constantly evolves. We've observed across our clientele, from the largest to the smallest companies, that there are constant additions of new IP addresses, web applications, and other elements. The teams we interact with often need to be made aware of these changes. This includes new software trials, test pages, or marketing initiatives—constantly unfolding activities.

1. The attack surface constantly evolves

By continuously monitoring, you can remain fully informed about these changes. For instance, you can promptly identify and understand new additions by simply reviewing the overview page. This feature is powerful for maintaining situational awareness of your digital environment.

2. The cybersecurity landscape doesn't remain static 

Even if you believe your setup remains static, the cybersecurity landscape does not. It's perpetually evolving, with new threats emerging regularly. Our crowdsourced network consistently introduces new tests, enhancing our ability to scrutinize your attack surface with the latest methodologies.

When a new vulnerability begins circulating within hacker communities and is actively exploited, our platform swiftly integrates testing for this threat in various forms. This rapid inclusion of new tests allows us to comprehensively assess your attack surface for these vulnerabilities without requiring any intervention on your part.

Setting up continuous monitoring in Detectify is straightforward. For Surface Monitoring, it's essentially always active; once enabled, it operates daily.

Application Scanning is enabled by default, but its scheduling can be managed from the Application Scanning page. Here, you can view the "Next Scan" column to determine when the next scan is scheduled. While the default frequency is weekly, customization options are available. This section also highlights which applications lack a scheduled scan, indicating potential areas for enabling automatic scanning.