Connector for IBM NS1

How to connect?

To connect with GoDaddy, go to and click on IBM NS1. Then follow these steps:

  1. Start by giving the connector a descriptive name.
  2. In NS1, navigate to your profile menu, choose Settings, then Users & Teams. Choose API Keys and Add Key.
  3. Set DNS Permissions to View Zones.
  4. Enable Allow by Default to grant access to all zones except those under Denied Zones. Or disable Allow by Default to deny access to all zones except those listed under Allowed Zones.
  5. Copy the Key and paste it into the Add connector flow in the Detectify tool.

When the connector is created, it will be seen in the list of connectors on the connectors page. Domains stored in IBM NS1 will be synced with your Detectify team continuously. You can also manually sync by clicking the Action menu on your IBM NS1 connector in the list of connectors and clicking Trigger synchronization.

IP filtering

If you would like to filter API-request based on source IP, the Detectify connectors will make requests originating from the following IP addresses: