Adding a new asset

When you set up your Detectify account for the first time, you are prompted to add a domain. You can add more assets, such as domains or IP addresses, at any point.


You can choose to either add a domain or IP manually, or import it using AWS Route 53, uploading a zonefile, or zone transfer.

Add a new root domain manually


To add a domain, click the add domain button. You will be prompted with the following modal.

Input the domain name you want to add, and click "Add domain".


You will now be prompted to verify your asset ownership, unless you are on an enterprise account with "easy domain verification". Verifying a domain is easy. It can be done by either uploading a .txt file to the specified catalogue, or by adding a DNS TXT record to your domain. You can read more about verification on this page.




Once you've verified the new asset, you will receive a confirmation message.



Your new asset will now appear in your Attack Surface as well as on the Root Asset page. 

PS: Follow the same steps to add an IP address.

Add a missing subdomain

If there's a subdomain missing from your attack surface. The same "Add domain" flow can be used to add these.

Import Assets with AWS Route 53 


Provide the AWS API keys with access to Route 53 key into the Detectify tool.


More information on how to activate the Connector and create the key with some access restrictions is available here.


Detectify will now automatically update or add subdomains for monitoring onto your account for the domains you’ve already verified on the Detectify platform. 


You choose which subdomains you want to add as separate scan profiles and keep monitoring for subdomain takeovers.


Happy scanning!