Zone File / DNS Zone Transfer

After you have added your asset and started a scan, the Autodiscovery feature will run in the background to help you map up your publicly available subdomains. We recommend complementing this feature by uploading a Zone file including all subdomains on a selected apex domain or using a DNS Zone Transfer

This can be done in Add asset modal:

Please note that only users with admin permissions can import the subdomains.

Zone File:

A zone file is a text file containing a domain name in every line. The maximum allowed size for a zone file is 5 MB if imported via APIs and 8 MB if imported via the website. If your file is larger, please break it down into several smaller files. Remember that the ORIGIN name needs to be complete(FQDN).

The zone file should be formatted in accordance with RFC 1034 and RFC 1035.

Enterprise customers can also use our API. Documentation is available here:

DNS Zone Transfer:

DNS Zone Transfer allows you to populate your domain information. The specified domains will be scheduled for indexing and will eventually populate Asset Inventory and Autodiscovery. 

Please note that Zone Transfer does not activate Surface Monitoring, for a more-detailed explanation see: Surface Monitoring and activating Surface Monitoring.

Once the domains have been imported, you can choose to add any of them as separate scan profiles for scheduling Application Scanning

DNS server: type the hostname or IP address of the name server

Zone: enter the zone origin

The specified DNS server needs to accept traffic from our public IPs

API documentation for Enterprise customers is available here: