Application Scanning Page

In the Application Scanning page, you can see all your scan profiles. From this page, you can start scans and manage configuration for each of your scan profiles. You find Application Scanning in the sidebar menu under configurations with Surface Monitoring, where you can configure Surface Monitoring settings for your root assets.

In the Application Scanning page you find a list of your Scan Profiles, which includes:

  • Name: by selecting the name, you can see detailed information on the Scan Profile in the Scan page.

  • Endpoint: the asset that defines the extent of what is scanned.

  • Next scan: the time of the next scan if any scan is scheduled. Selecting the Next scan brings you to Scan Profile settings.

  • Last scan: information on the last scan (if any) that ran on this Scan Profile, which is the time when the scan started in case it succeeded, or an error prompt in case it failed. Hovering over the error reveals more details. Selecting Last scan takes you to the Scans page.

The Application Scanning page up to 20 Scan Profiles on one page by default, but you can change this to 50, 100, or 1000. You can use the navigation in the bottom right to switch between pages, or use the search bar to filter the list for specific name and endpoint.

You can Start a new scan or Stop a running scan, and under additional actions, you can visit the settings, or delete the Scan Profile. To create a new Scan Profile, select the Create Application Scan Profile button on the top right of the page, and fill in the required information. Note, that these actions are only available for team members with “Admin” or “Editor” roles.

Scan Profiles that are not included in your subscription are grayed out, and you cannot start a scan for them. You are still able to view results for previous scans. Read more on Application Scanning billing on how to change your subscription to include these Scan Profiles.


Q: How can I see the Scan Profiles for a specific asset?

A: You can use the search bar to filter the list based on the asset name.

Q: I don’t see the Start button, why?

A: Only users with an “Admin” or “Editor” role in the team can start the scans. Contact your team admin to elevate your user’s role. If there is a problem with your scan, you will instead of the Start button see an Investigate button to learn more about the problem and how to resolve it.